• How to learn riding
  • To deepen knowlegdes
  • Trekkings/rides (beach, moonlight)
  • Dessage
  • Showriding
  • Workshops
  • Kids- & Jouth support
  • Tournament support

* Exclusive trekkings/rides – advance reservation/booking

  • Moonlights- and starlight rides (depending on the weather)
  • Beachrides (november to april)
  • Trekkings and leisure rides

* Starnights, great beachsides or across the country
A great adventure is waiting for you! The horses will be brought by horsebox transporter to the meetingpoint. After a ride of about 2 hours through the beautiful countryside of Mallorca, a dinner is waiting for you, it’s also time for relaxing and exchange of impressions.

Qualification: for experienced English- or westernriders. Kids from the age of 12 years a chaperon. You can use your own horse or you can get one of our horses, according to your skills. Please be so kind and check a term: limited number of participants.

* Workshops, Competitions, Tournaments
We organize many events like western competitions, tournaments, weekend workshops, special riding seminars (cattle- & team penning, team sorting) – for adults & kids, which will be done under the qualified guidance of our skilled staff. We are glad of having welcomed leading trainers from overseas a tour place. We promote the youth and we train and supervise in the context of tournaments. Also we provide horses, equipment & transport.

* Training, coaching & comeback-rider
Who will deepen your knowledge and understanding, to groove your riding skills or simple if you want to learn more about horse riding at all – you come to the right place. We manage every riding style and get you and your horse motivated and fit.